The SFT group in the PH department develops and maintains common scientific software for the physics experiments in close collaboration with the PH experimental groups, the IT department and external HEP institutes. The majority of the group is involved in projects organised as part of the Applications Area of the LHC Computing Grid (LCG) project. In addition, several group members have direct responsibilities in the software projects of the LHC experiments.

News and announcements


This is the first published draft of the report submitted to the LHCC earlier this week.

Comments are welcome.

A final version will be published and submitted to the RRB in time for its next meeting later in October.


The AA quarterly report for 2013Q1 is avaiulable here

SFT projects



Maintenance and development of the ROOT general-purpose object oriented framework


Maintenance, support and further development of the Geant4 simulation toolkit that simulates the interaction of particles in matter

Physics Validation

Compare the main detector simulation engines for LHC, Geant4 and FLUKA, with experimental data, in order to validate their usage for LHC experiment applications


Collaboration with the authors of MC generators and with LHC experiments in order to prepare validated code for both the theoretical and experimental communities at the LHC



Set of basic services and support infrastructure for the various software development activities of the group and the LHC experiments


Linear Collider Software Development


Re-engineering of existing software in order to adapt and optimise it for use on emerging new multi/many-core technologies. Development of new concurrency models and specialized frameworks

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Portable Analysis Environment using Virtualization Technology